Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week In The Life: Friday

Hello, world! M is excited for it to be morning. When I took this, she was trying to wiggle away from me so she could climb down the couch. Please ignore the WALL OF STUFF behind her. We are sort of stuck in this halfway process of moving and also for the life of me I can never seem to get all the clean laundry put away. We like having a clean floor, though, so it all just gets kind of pushed against that wall.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I always forget to pull out the camera in the mornings for my husband. It must be because I am such a zombie in the AM. I will definitely have to try and fix that in the future.

M and I had some breakfast, changed a diaper, and she played while I caught up on the internet. Then I did a little cleaning in the bathroom.

M was a great helper.

This is where M's bath toys tend to collect when not in use. Upon reflection, I suppose that mat should be cleaned soon. Huh.

After that I made my to-do list. And then proceeded to do things.

I discovered that, yes, I really do look 26 weeks pregnant. Yay me!

We have a cat who loves to wait until I'm in the bathroom... ahem... taking care of business... before she egs for attention. I guess she figures that she has a captive audience, so why not?? I'm very proud of this picture because she was standing almost on top of me and yet I managed to stay out of the shot. Yay me!

I have the following cleaning policy: Every day by 6PM, the living room and bathroom will be clean. I will always attempt to get some dishes done as well. Anything else will just have to wait until my husband is home to corral the child, and it will be okay. The above picture is M's idea of a 'clean' living room. She spends all morning dragging things out and making this ginormous mess.

Thankfully, she has me to come along behind her and mess everything up. You'll note that no sooner was I taking a picture of the results than she was beginning to put the room to 'rights' again. :P

Afternoon nap. Mommy's very favorite time of  the day.

I definitely did have 3 100 calorie ice cream bars yesterday. Oops. At least I ate other food too! That reminds me that I need to get a picture of M eating grapes. OMGosh the best!

The most unorganized drawer in my craft cabinet. I think it needs going through. There appears to have been a flurry of non-crafty things in Mommyland.

M's favorite way to teethe is on leftover pizza crusts. Sure, why not? Have it, kiddo.

Crawling around - wait, what? Is that my car?

My husband, engaging in his favorite activity. Reading. Also acting as a dragon protecting his awesome sword. M has had a bath and a bottle and been aslepp for about half an hour at this point.

If a bowl of fruit this size (I've eaten most of it in the picture) didn't cost twice as much as a bag of potato chips, I would eat one EVERY DAY. I love fruit and melons so much!

Best. Birthday. Present. Ever. I love my husband for bringing me this cup. It travels everywhere with me. It's probably as attached to me as my phone is at this point. Gotta keep hydrated. Gotta do it in style. Oh, yeah... (That is my dresser. Another casualty of the 'clean floor' rule. That is a pile of Goodwill-bound baby clothes and a couple new packages of wipes. XD Those really should have other homes. It's amazing what you don't notice, huh?)

That was my Friday! It looked a lot like Monday-Thursday, but with many more pictures! See you again tomorrow!

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  1. So much fun! Kiddos are so amazing. They have one thing on their mind: LEARN! M is beautiful. And congratulations! I hope the pregnancy goes extremely well for you. There are days when you HAVE to have 3 ice cream bars & that's all there is to it!

    Thanks for sharing about your sweet family online. You're really terrific!