Monday, April 23, 2012

A Week In The Life: Monday

So I really fell down on the job today. There was absolutely no picture-taking today. For that matter, I did very little thinking about A Week In The Life. I'm pretty disappointed with myself, that's for sure.
Back when M was born, I was taking several pictures a day at least, between my camera and my phone. Not just of her (but mostly) and I really felt like I was on-track for eventually getting our memories recorded.
And then life happened... And the photos started getting fewer... and farther between...

I am determined to be better. This is our life! These are our memories! I'm trying to break into a business where I help people make and keep memories for a LIVING! I cannot be lax about this. We have a story. When M is older, I will cherish getting to look back at it. So will she. So will my grandchildren. And their children.

I'm not sure yet what my solution is going to be - but I will find one.

In the meanwhile, have a picture that is not from Monday, but very well could have been.

That is my Fiestaware cabinet. It's my "wedding china". I treasure every piece in that cabinet. Hopefully, someday, I'll be able to make a kitchen to match. Ah, dreams...

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