Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Week In The Life: Tuesday

This morning started off innocuously enough, I suppose. M got that piano toy from my Great-Aunt Virginia. She's had it for almost a month now, and has finally started showing some interest in playing it without prompting. I was a little concerned, since she loved her other piano so much (RIP yard-sale baby piano. You were great while the batteries lasted. Perhaps we'll pull you out again for J to play with) but she seems to have finally gotten the hang of it.

Daddy left to go for work - and I never seem to have my phone handy to document the waves goodbye and sadness when she realizes that she can't follow him to the car. Unhappy day. We settled in with our respective toys, and got started on our day. M had some of my cereal (with skim milk even - don't judge) and a few puffs, and a bottle. I changed her diaper. Normal stuff. Then, I decided to do some laundry. Silly, silly me.

M followed me into the laundry room. Then she got bored. And when M gets bored it usually means trouble of some kind. Today was no exception. She crawled into my bedroom and started playing under DH's desk. Normally, I don't mind - she has toys scattered throughout every room, and she usually pulls one to her choice sitting spot and entertains herself. Except that today, she somehow managed to get tangled up in a lamp cord.

Are you seeing where this is going?

This is the lamp that USED to sit on the hutch of DH's desk. It also USED to have an awesome, bright, CFL bulb in it. Right. This is when Mommy starts panicking. I think I might have pulled something yanking her out of the debris. After dusting her off and making sure she had no cuts or glass in her hair, I relocated her to the living room and frantically called my husband. Six times. I would show you on my recent calls list, but my iPhone doesn't have a screen capture feature.

But seriously. Mommy Freak Out Time. CFL bulbs - so I have heard and read - can be crazy, crazy dangerous because of the mercury inside. And M just broke one, practically over her head. The only instructions I could remember said something about pulling up the carpet. WE ARE RENTING THIS HOUSE. Also, I couldn't remember if, in addition to bathing M, we needed to burn/dispose of her clothes. Yes - when I freak out, I don't do it lightly.

Luckily, our bulb contained POWDERED mercury. We didn't have to pull up the carpet, or burn clothes, or anything like that - but our vaccum is out of commission for a while. My husband came home and cleaned up the mess while I gave M a mid-morning bath. She thought that was absolutely the best thing ever. If she was older, I would probably worry about it becoming an incentive to break more lightbulbs. As it is, I think she was too busy enjoying herself to plot. Much.

We closed off the room for the rest of the day, and I breathed a sigh of relief. And then we had a bottle and took a nap (on the couch)

Seriously. Is there ANYTHING more adorable than a sleeping baby? Anything?

After our nap, M had her lunch. Spinach and cheese ravioli. She obviously thought it was crazy yummy.

Then we read a couple books (I will have to get some video of M "reading" up here at some point - she is so spot on with her mimicry there) and played with our toys some, and I got on the computer to sneak in a little work. She continued playing (and occasionally watched some Backyardigans - I am not above distracting her to get a few minutes to myself in the afternoon) and every so often I would look over and we would grin at each other over whatever toy she was stuffing in her mouth. And, ooh, wasn't that cute, she was gnawing on one of her Little People... Wait. M doesn't have any bright blue Little People.

If your heart constricting in terror and flying into your throat was considered a heart attack, I can say with surety that I would have been experiencing one in that moment. Somehow, very quietly, very sneakily, my TEN MONTH OLD had gotten the child-proof lid off of a bottle of allergy medicine, and was shoving said lid into her mouth.

I staged a picture of the bottle with some pills scattered on the bathroom counter, but apparently photos like that are against the ToU of my image sharing website, since they deleted it less than an hour after upload. :|

She didn't ingest any of them, thank goodness. But I think the fact that she could reach them means I definitely need to re-think our baby proofing. And keep my purse off the floor. That would probably help as well.

Anyway... that was the majority of our Tuesday. DH came home from work. We played. We ate dinner. M had another bath. She went to bed. We went to bed. All normal things which I didn't manage to get pictures of.

But when I was going through my camera photos, I found this one from spring break and wanted to share it with you:

This is my husband, in the yard at his mom's house, taking a break from teaching himself how to juggle. I love you, honey. <3

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